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My general observations from your Jubilee show in Silkeborg  30th August 2014.

It gave me a great deal of pleasure to judge your well run Jubilee show (stepping in at short notice when my friend Sue Dolan was unable to fulfil her engagement due to ill health).I liked the way you graciously accepted my decisions. I also thank my ring steward and scribe for all their help.

My general observations were these, I´ll start with the positive. Most of the heads were good with typical stops and small well placed ears. The mouths were also good with correct bites and good sized teeth.

Your dogs have good forechests and level toplines (something we do not always have in Britain). Hindquarters had good but not excessive turn of stifle and most were well muscled.

Coat quality was invariably very correct.

Now to the negative points. My main concern was this - You have too many with unacceptably coloured eyes.

Red Cairns do have a redder brown eye sometimes different to the other coloured Cairns - but no Cairn should have eyes with a lighter ring on the outer edge of the eye, making the dogs eyes resemble those of an Owl ! This spoils the expression totally.

The eye shape was also too round and bold in some exhibits.

Close hind action in Cairns is to be found in all countries. I feel it is something we all should be striving to correct but not at the expense of true Cairn type.

                                                                        Ann Waugh




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Tilmelding til aftenarrangement: på samme mailadr. som frokost  senest d. 9. august.

prisen for en 3 retters middag incl. natmad er 360,- kr. pr. person

Ang. aftenarrangement er tilmelding bindende, og betaling når man ankommer til kroen.



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1 hel side A5 for :  200,- kr.

½ side A5 for :      125,- kr. 

Materialet skal sendes til Berit Rosenfeldt.

Deadline for begge dele d. 28/7 2014.

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