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Stemningsbilleder fra Jysk Cairnskue d 1-9-2012

Dommer Ray Munday Scotland

BOB  BOS show Vilhelmsborg 2012 2

BIS 1 + BIR Cale Hill's Jenny - BIS 2 + BIM Nordcairn's Follow Me

Cairnskue Vest BIS Baby Cairnskue Vest Bedste tæve baby

BIS Baby Mr. Winterbottom's St. Brendan Bedste baby tæve Trumpingtons Mistery Girl

Cairnskue Vest BIS Hvalp Cairnskue Vest Bedste tæve hvalp

BIS Hvalp Cale Hill's Laurits Bedste tæve hvalp Thestrup's She's a Sweetheart

Cairnskue Vest junior tæve BIS 1 Cairnskue Vest champ han BIS 2

BIS 1 Junior tæve Cale Hill's Jenny BIS 2 Champion han Nordcairn's Follow Me

Cairnskue Vest mellem tæve BIS 3 Cairnskue Vest åben tæve BIS 4

BIS 3 Mellemklasse tæve Cairnrush Blanka Vlasic BIS 4 Åben klasse tæve Tam O'Shanter's Quizzicat

Cairnskue Vest mellem han BIS 5 Cairnskue Vest vinder tæve BIS 6

BIS 5 Mellem klasse han Cairnrush Bolt BIS 6 Vinder klasse tæver Kaczacas Affie

Cairnskue Vest junior han BIS 7 Cairnskue Vest senior tæve BIS 8

BIS 7 Junior han Thestrup's Paphiopedilum Argus BIS 8 Senior tæve Cairnly's Fine Fie

Cairnskue Vest champ tæve BIS 9 Cairnskue Vest senior han BIS 10

BIS 9 Champion tæve Mr. Winterbottom's Anky van Grunsven BIS 10 Senior han Tam O'Shanter's Mr. Pommeroy

Cairnskue Vest åben han BIS 11

BIS 11 Åben klasse han Keencairn's Ceasar


Cairn Terrier Open Shows:-

1 September 2012 Vilhelmsborg

2 September 2012 Roskilde

What a delight to judge two shows of completely new cairns to me, with the added bonus of plenty of time to asses them. This enabled an extremely relaxed and most enjoyable two days of judging our ìBest Little Palî.

In the question of ìwhat I was looking for?î This is simple. ñ Balance and proportion [plus that X factor!]

A great cairn head does you no favours if the movement is poor, or the proportions of length of leg to back length are not right, and so onÖ.


What a wonderful day. Great venue .Great weather and great cairns!

Most memorable moments include:-

-The lovely youngsters [babies and puppies]

These we look at for the future of our breed. If these are weak then we should be concerned. We had some wonderful prospects here ñ not just the ìbest babyî -Mr Winterbottoms St Brendan and ìbest puppyî -Cale Hillís Laurits- the others pushed hard all the way. 4 classes and already tough decisions. -How great is that!

And so to the dog classes.

- Some wonderful quality here that was sometimes not capitalised upon. It is possible to balance the head furnishings to the body coat!

A real highlight was Champion Dog class ñ 4 Mature and confident dogs vying for the top spot. All in good condition, all performing well. It is not often one will see such excellent movers placed 2nd and 3rd!!! This was the quality of this class today! For me ìDKCh. Nordcairn Follow meî won by a whisker ñhe just had that extra X factor today and went on to res BIS

The bitches did not disappoint either. Generally a bit more depth of quality here, although a couple of really nice bitches missed out on top honours by carrying too much weight. This affects their shape and their movement.

Highlights include the winnerís class where two totally ìoppositeî bitches met. Both great quality, beautifully proportioned and in great condition. I chose Kaczacas Affie ñ not a large bitch but balanced. Everything matched in scale. Gorgeous head and expression, good teeth and correct bite, moved with drive and had personality plus. She commanded attention. I nicknamed her the ìpocket rocketî ñshe had that effect on meJ.

The class winners from intermediate and open bitch were both beautiful [Cairnrush Blanka Vlasic and Tam OíShanter Quizzicat]- Well presented in great coat and condition and pushed hard for top honours.

A most enjoyable class was the Veterans. A 10 yr. old and a 12 yr. old. Both in fantastic condition for their ages, [well don the owners!], and a couple of real characters. Boy did they have fun!!!

The one for me though was Cale Hillís Jenny. Today she was on her toes, didnít put a foot wrong in the ring, in great coat and condition, beautifully presented and was the complete picture for me BIS.

I was really pleased with the line-up I was faced with at the end of each day, in both venues. Such quality across all classes.

Also ñ Seeing junior handlers in the ring for the first time, and to be able to encourage this next generation of cairn exhibitors. Priceless

It has been a real privilege and great pleasure to judge these shows and would thank both groups for a wonderful experience and their warm Danish hospitality.

Ray Munday


Jysk cairn skue 12 048 Jysk cairn skue 12 049

Jysk cairn skue 12 060 Jysk cairn skue 12 150

Jysk cairn skue 12 069 Jysk cairn skue 12 070

Jysk cairn skue 12 074 Jysk cairn skue 12 080

Jysk cairn skue 12 090 Jysk cairn skue 12 100

Jysk cairn skue 12 141 Jysk cairn skue 12 143

Cairnskue Vest 0073 Cairnskue Vest 0102

Cairnskue Vest 0053 Cairnskue Vest 0095

Cairnskue Vest 0105 Cairnskue Vest 0106

Jysk skue cairn 2012 1 Jysk skue cairn 2012 2

Jysk skue cairn 2012 3 Jysk skue cairn 2012 4

Jysk skue cairn 2012 5 Jysk skue cairn 2012 6

Jysk skue cairn 2012 7

Resultatliste fra Det Jyske Cairnskue 2012





Baby Han

Mr. Winterbottom's St. Brendan

Mr. Winterbottom's St. Patrick

Linjas Casino

Baby Tæve

Trumpingtons Mistery Girl

BIS Baby

Mr. Winterbottom's St. Brendan

Trumpingtons Mistery Girl

Hvalp Han

Cale Hill's Laurits

Hvalp Tæve

Thestrup's She's a Sweetheart

Frigg's Æventyr Prinsesse

Keencairn's Hot Chilli

Cale Hill's Leonora

BIS Hvalp

Cale Hill's Laurits

Thestrup's She's a Sweetheart



Thestrup's Paphiopedilum Argus

Cale Hill¥s Karl Emil


Cairnrush Bolt

Winetta Buzzin


Keencairn's Ceasar



Nordcairn¥s Follow Me

Cale Hill¥s Carl

Cale Hill¥s Viggo

Cairnstone's Watch That Man


Tam O¥Shanter¥s Mr. Pommeroy

Lachleen Hard To Get



Cale Hill's Jenny

Kiokas Hippy Hippy Shake

Mr. Winterbottom's Viggoline

Keencairn's Emma


Cairnrush Blanka Vlasic

Cale Hill's Irma

Tam O'Shanter's Randi

Cairntoppen Starlight Melina


Tam O¥Shanter¥s Quizzicat

Thestrup's Touched By An Angel


Kaczacas Affie

Lachleen Tip-Toe Through The Tulips


Mr. Winterbottom's Anky van Grunsven

Kiokas Buck Fizz


Cairnlys Fine Fie



Sofie med Cale Hill's Carl


BIS 1 - 4

Cale Hill's Jenny

Nordcairn¥s Follow Me

Cairnrush Blanka Vlasic

Tam O¥Shanter¥s Quizzicat

BIS 5 - 8

Cairnrush Bolt

Kaczacas Affie

Thestrup's Paphiopedilum Argus

Cairnlys Fine Fie

BIS 9 - 12

Mr. Winterbottom's Anky van Grunsven

Tam O¥Shanter¥s Mr. Pommeroy

Keencairn's Ceasar



Kennel Thestrup's

Kennel Keencairn


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